Stay tuned to the Wizarding Wireless Network for continued reports on Britain's wizarding war.
Confirmed Dead: Bert Pipp, 26 years old; River Blackthorne, 23 years old; Miranda Hoffkins, 47 years old; Wilmer Washters, 63; Hazel Washters, 61; Genevieve Blackthorne, 46;


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Full Moons! by Coco
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Out Of Character extras including member awards and suggestions.
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Spotlights: March! by Coco
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OAKES, Leticia Pyxi by Slither
Dec 6, 2019 4:49:04 GMT
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Creating a character alone is not enough to make them real. Develop your character even further by plotting with other characters and organizations.
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Coco's Tracker by Leticia Pyxi Oakes
Dec 11, 2019 8:43:48 GMT

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The Daily Prophet is the wizarding newspaper, based out of London. It is the primary source of news for British wizards. Articles will be added as the site timeline progresses so that your characters are always "in the know".
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Tersha Tells It by Tersha Alara Knight
Apr 10, 2018 9:29:23 GMT
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Send your post via owl to friends, families, and even your enemies.

No word count.
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Hogwarts Castle is a large, seven-story high building supported by magic, with a hundred and forty two staircases throughout its many towers and turrets and very deep dungeons. The castle was built in the late Early Middle Ages (c. 993) by a wizard architect and the four most celebrated wizards of the age: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin.
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Freak Like Me || Snape || by Alecto Cecilia Carrow
Dec 11, 2019 5:27:18 GMT
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The Hogwarts property extends a great distance and includes the lawns, the Black Lake, the Forbidden Forest, and more.
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Where you can find the homes of families and individuals of the wizarding world. From stately manors to modest apartments, where does your character live? Apply for your own home in the claims!
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Death Eaters and Order Members need somewhere to have evil/awesome meetings and gatherings and whatnot, and the places for those shindigs are in here. Anyone not a part of these groups should skip on by! (Top secret, so shhh!)
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A very old and beautiful little wizarding village, Godric's Hollow is a safe haven for magical families to live in, and is situated somewhere in the West Country of England.
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Once Bitten by Silas Zhang
Nov 23, 2019 4:41:17 GMT
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One of the most famous and frequented magical communities, Hogsmeade is stunning, and is filled with all of your favourite shops, as well as cute little cottages and houses dotting the outskirts of the village. Just a short walk from the castle, it's also where you will find the train station to take students back home every summer.
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The bustling capital city is home to the hidden shopping delight that is Diagon Alley. You can also find King's cross station here, as well as the huge buildings which house the Ministry of Magic and St. Mungo's Hospital, all magically cloaked from Muggle eyes.
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Dazed and Confused by Quinn Ardan Blackwood
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Countries far and near are waiting to be explored!
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Vegas, Baby! || Marauders || by Regina Eloise Black
Aug 20, 2019 17:06:23 GMT

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Sometimes it's fun to imagine just what our characters lives will be like years from now, or sometimes we just want to get a start on threads only months away.
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A place to role play past events in your characters lives.
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At the end of term, threads are moved here for historical record. Dead threads, old notices, and extras from long-forgotten characters are also moved here to keep things tidy.
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Welcome our newest member, Leticia Pyxi Oakes!


Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
Oh, yeah? I've seen you with a camera around the castle. *nods slowly* I'm more used to you firing Bludgers at my head. I think you've got it in for my face. *laughs* *all the devilish eyes*
Jun 1, 2019 16:05:45 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
What?! -Oh my Merlin- No! -gigglesnort- -oh crap- -offically dead now- -clears throat- It's nothing personal, certainly nothing against your face. You just have an awful, awful team -grins-
Jun 1, 2019 16:15:01 GMT
Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
You're gonna go there, are you? *grins* *absentmindedly sits* You know this guy- *points to sketch guy* this guy is me. You've broken my heart. *grabs a pencil and adds initials A.S to sketch guy's chest*
Jun 1, 2019 16:19:27 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
Mhmm -nods- -still grinning- -mild heart attack- -it's totally a crappy attempt at drawing Ash- -relieved at his humour- Hmm. It does kind of look like you. I mean your hair isn't nearly as fabulous as mini-Ash here, but the anguish is spot on -chuckles-
Jun 1, 2019 16:30:27 GMT
Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
My hair and my anguish are always perfect. *sips drink* *it's just fact* I like that you've noticed, though. *slightly intense gaze* *a few moody thoughts about whether people think he's moody*
Jun 1, 2019 16:36:20 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
-laughs softly- -needs to change the conversation- -gonna start blushing real soon- D'you mind keeping an eye on my stuff while I get a drink? -rummages through bag for purse-
Jun 1, 2019 16:42:21 GMT
Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
Sure. I promise not to steal your makeup. *picks up some rosy hued powder and gives it a curious look* *eyes or cheeks?* *puts it down again* *spies glimpse of a camera* *fights temptation*
Jun 1, 2019 16:46:15 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
-rolls eyes a little- -amused- -slides chair out- heads to bar with purse- -can't believe she's spending one on one time with Ash- -totally telling Sash all about it later- -orders butterbeer and waits-
Jun 1, 2019 16:55:31 GMT
Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
*drums fingers on table* *glances at Ava* *at camera* *Ava* *camera* *Ava* *picks camera up and turns it around to look at it* *accidentally pushes button and takes picture of self* Shit. *turns it the other way and aims it at Ava* *click*
Jun 1, 2019 16:59:06 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
-pays for drink- -heads back to the table- -sits back down- Thanks -looks at camera- -looks at Ash- -looks at camera suspiciously- Did you play with my camera? -eyes Ash with a playful suspicion-
Jun 1, 2019 17:02:10 GMT
Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
*smirks* No way. There is not a close up picture of my face on there. *hides behind drink*
Jun 1, 2019 17:09:16 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
-laughs- Good to know, that would be awful other wise, just terrible -total sarcasm- -but OMFM!!!- -going to look like such a stalker having a picture of him- -will probably look at it over the summer- -ugh!- -is such a creep!-
Jun 1, 2019 17:14:42 GMT
Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
*taps sketch guys broken heart again* *raises eyebrows* *sips drink*
Jun 1, 2019 17:16:05 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
Again? Poor guy's going through the ringer today.
Jun 1, 2019 17:18:51 GMT
Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
He's a sensitive soul, you should really be kinder to him.
Jun 1, 2019 17:19:52 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
It certainly seems so! -takes a mouthful of butterbeer- Maybe I'll draw him a special someone to keep him company later.
Jun 1, 2019 17:22:33 GMT
Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
Kowalski! *grins* Is that what you get up to in your spare time?
Jun 1, 2019 17:24:07 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
Oh Merlin -covers face with hands- -so blushing- Clearly I meant a dog or something! Man's best friend and all that! -shakes head- -face still in hands-
Jun 1, 2019 17:26:59 GMT
Ash Lucas Sawyer Avatar
Ash Lucas Sawyer:
*laughs* You can't backtrack now. Kinky sketches. I like it. *grins* *finishes drink* *stands up* Let me know how it goes. *wink* *leaves*
Jun 1, 2019 17:29:16 GMT
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski Avatar
Ava Aleksandria Kowalski:
-peeks out from behind hands- -oh holy shit- -totally ballsed that all up- -places hands flat on the table- -rolls eyes- -grins- Later, Sawyer -ahhhhhh!!!- -all the internal swooning-
Jun 1, 2019 17:30:43 GMT